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Rachel Richardson is a graphic designer turned journalist living and working in the Queen City of the West. She worked in graphic design for more than seven years while completing her bachelor and master's degrees in history before handing in her Wacom tablet for a reporter's notebook in 2006. Rachel successfully completed more than a dozen classes in digital, print and web design at New Horizons Learning Center and the University of Cincinnati-Raymond Walters College, where she received certificates of excellence in multimedia production and writing, with both works included in “The Best of Student Work.” Digital design and photography remain her passions and she now offers her services on a limited freelance basis.

Although she's been called a vegetarian evangelical, Rachel tries not to proselytize vegetarianism too much, but she also has ADD, so she sometimes forgets.  She's seeking help for her book-buying compulsions and has slight obsessions with Bruce Cockburn, George Clooney and Hubert Humphrey. She's a sucker for stray cats and a British accent and harbors secret dreams of being on Jeopardy and owning an alpaca farm. Her academic research interests are on American food culture and the social history of food-related disorders in the U.S. for which she maintains a companion blog at www.the-F-word.org . Rachel and husband Brandon live in Cincinnati, along with their six spoiled felines and two pampered bunnies.


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